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Nuestro Equipo

El Canto de las Espadas and Last Sword Miniatures team is not too large. But is full of thrill, as the first day, and some new scars.

Although Asdarel and Comi are who move the gears, they couldn´t do it alone. So, thanks for all received support from wargames fans and friends!

Thanks for have been with us in the past and now!


He is the mastermind and the reason why all that exists. He designs the blog and paints the figures and sceneries that we show on the blog.

Asdarel takes pictures of all miniatures and sceneries at “The studio“. Fortunately he has two tables, one to take pictures and another where he uses to paint.

At the begining we used to play wargames using Battle Masters’ figures. Then little by little my interest about wargaming grew on me, feeling a strange attraction about gunpowder, still don’t know why…

The Empire was Asdarel’s first army that he collected and paint after Battle Master. As everyone, Halberdiers’s box was of the first box. He still keeps the box!

Comi Sam

Comi is fully engaged on a continuous learning process, making scenery. He translates the post of the blog (doing his best) and post it on the internet.

This is “The workshop” where Comi makes scenery. He would like to have a bigger workplace and keep it tidier, but…

On my veryfisrt days I was… I remenber I was at a store holding two boxes on both hands. One of them was Space Marine mortobike, on the other was Strom Troopers. It was actually easy to make my mind and decided: Imperial Guard, of course!

Imperial Guard was the first army that Comi got. Currently he still has the figures and the box, thought they need to be repainted.


No doubt, Sergio is the best that we could find into Games Workshop. First he was our workmate, then our friend and finally our shop assistant, but the last is not important until he is our friend.

Talk to him about Hobby is very different. Thanks to his experience into hobby backstage his opinion is always revealing and helpful to understant how compaies work.

Although is usual find Sergio playin ETC tournaments, to him is more important enjoy than win. He use to be a Taller de Leonardo team coach. Twenty years after HeroQues Sergio is still love wargames!


Giye uses to say that he is a gamer, but we must say that he is specially a pintor.Most of us like the rulebook and wargaming universe, painting figures is Giye passion.

He has won several painting competitions, besides he works  as figures painter. His critial and noconformist spirit motives him to try new technical and improve his skills.

Giye started with classic planes and motorbikes models. Warhammer fantasy sixth edicion was the way to come into a fantasy world. From these days he has been painting figures from Citadel, Infinity-Corvus Belli, Kromlech, Zenit-Kensei , and now  Last Sword Miniatures too.



Renton is the kind of guy who spends much time painting than playing. Even we think that soon he won´t be able to remember how to play!

We met him in Ludus Belli, he offered as figures painter. We thought that he will become a great painter if he learn some new painting techniques, right from the start.

Little by little we have been speding much time, painting techniques and hobby toghether. Nowadays Renton is a great friend with whom to share the hobby!

I started as everybody about my age, playing Hero Quest and Battle Masters. I use to play with some friend, but we were young and spent much time in a lots hobbies!

One thing that I have never could undestands is why people play games with no painted miniatures. That the reason why I started to paint, first just mines and them other figures that people asked for.

This is two of the first miniatures that Rentes has painted. They have a good level even today, but just if you are a newbie into the hobby. From this figures to the last ones, his progress has been great!

Renton is still painting for everyone who wants to make a deal with him, so if you want to contac, this is his email:

If you would like became a occasional member don´t hesitate and write to us!

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