Warhammer fantasy is our main source of inspiration, but we are open to meet new games as  Infinity the game or Bushido. Giye likes Bushido´s oriental figures. He has painted Ikiryo to try something different.

Bushido is a skirmish game. An oriental fantasy tabletop miniature battle game where a handful of factions fight among themshelves. Bushido´s backgroud is great, but for us, the best are figures.

Bushido has a long range of nice figures

Ikiryo is a member of Cult of Yurei, a great model with a Kimono and japanese parasol.

Giye painted traditional floral kimono with pastel colours. Besides Ikiryo has some make up is her face. Finally she looks like a real geisha.

Figure shape is great, but looks too much better with some freehands. After all Ikiryo is a banner of japanese culture!

“Inocent and fragile only in appearance, Ikiryo is waiting in a japanish garden for her following victim”

Ikiryo is a model so different of Warhammer fantasy figures, but it´s very interesting to paint. Bushido, we should spend much time with you….

What do you think about Bushido figures?