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“Since 2013, El Canto de las Espadas has been our personal blog. Nowaydays our blog has become not only a personal room where we show our fantasy games miniatures, besides is the shop window where LastSword Miniatures show up all the products and projects.

Thank to you for visit us!”

Bayeux tapestry

Bayeux tapestry made in the XI century, is a excellent medieval work. These last week we are so busy with elves, so today we would like to share this tapestry and keep going with kickstarter orders. […]

The Ruined Hall painted

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The ruined hall is our new building that we add to our scenery collection. Although now ew are really busy with our Elven lords campaign, we can not wait to play Mordheim (Empire in flames) with our new house. To celebrate it, we have added a new scenery pack with all our ruined house in the kickstarter campaign. […]


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