Today we bring the final model of a Alpha Saurian Warrior , one of the models that we have rescultped a bit to make better miniatures! Have a look a check the changes! Lizarmen rock!!

A few days ago we announced that after to print and paint some Saurian models we decided to make changes.

The reason is some details are so fine to be painted. We are not talking about fast painting, just properly painting. Our guys commented it to us and we have been thinking about it for a long time.

But I do not wanna talk to much! Let’s go to see the changes:

Before to start we have to say that this model have the “same” pose in both versión.

One of the mains changes is the Alpha head. Now is not attached to the body, so you can move and twist it before glue. Furthermore now he is wearing a great armour, covering his chest from any enemy attack. The “crow” on top, denotes this models as a higher member of lizarmen society.

Finally, armor pads and scales are a bit bigger, now he really looks ready for battle.

Here you have a small gallery, where you can check the changes:

All Jungles Awakening packs will contain this second version.

Maybe some people do not like the changes or the way that we have managed that. We have to say sorry, and please, please, plase, if you are not happy with this model, send to us an email to: and we going to do our best helping you.

As soon as we have new pictures, we going to publish here to everyone!

Thank you for your understanding.

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