Review Citadel Nihilakh Oxide with Sigmarita Matriarch from Mordheim

Not a long time ago we shown you how we used the new paints from Citadel: Special Effects. At that time we used Agrellan Earth on some bases. Now we will experiment with Nihilakh Oxide. As the experiment subject, we chose the Sigmarita Matriarch from the Mordheim band we’re preparing to try the rules from the Mordheim Return. […]

Imperial Harquebusiers from Hochland

During the years we’ve felt this hobby in diferent levels of intensity but there has always been something that made us live it stronger. The Impery is part of that something that made us want to go further. It was the first strenght we organized of Warhammer Fantasy, and the main reason why we started lots of different projects, like for example the modular boards. And it’s the power of reviving the sensations we experienced 15 years ago, when we were just starting [...]

Leman Russ Annihilator from the Imperial Guard

Some time ago we started one of those projects that every commander from the Imperial Guard owns. But at the time of playing Warhammer 40.000 isn’t the most versatile thing, the image of the battleship company is always pleasing to see, or your opponent one, including tanks. Starting to prepare the Imperial Armour III The Taros Campaign also boosted the vehicles.   […]

Modular Board: Hills

It’s true that there’s no Warhammer Fantasy, 1650 A Capa y Espada or even Mordheim based on Empire in Flames board that isn’t completed in one or two hills. We were used to see the clasic couple of wargaming hills aimed each one to a different deployment area, and we wanted to do something different. After doing the paths and wheat fields for our modular board we decided to give it some height. […]

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