The Horus heresy: Betrayal at Calth is avarable in Games Workshop stores, or Warhammer shops as it are called now, and hobby centers . Right now is the time to speak about The Horus heresy: Betrayal at Catlh and what it will mean for Games Workshop in the future.

The Horus heresy: Betrayal at Calth is not only the first box with plastic figures of Horus heresy, is too a dream fullfilled for all old wargamers. Games Workshop show to us how the will be act in the future.

1. Comparing Warhammer: Age of Sigmar with The Horus heresy: Betrayal at Calth

The truth is we can´t analyze The Horus heresy: Betrayal at Catlh without analyze Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. We talked before about Warhammer: Age of Sigmar in the articles: Review. Warhammer: Age of Sigmar and Will Warhammer Fantasy to be the same someday?. We recommend reading this articles before follow with this one to understant first the keys of the product.

Warhamer: Age of Sigmar has been meticulously designed to be attractive for youthfull customers and people with no wargaming knowledge. It wasn´t a problem for old wargames who have had a lots of fun with the game!

The Horus heresy: Betrayal at Calth doesn´t change Warhammer 40.000 universe.

The Horus heresy: Bretrayal at Calth is an easy game for everybody. Besides has three new elements: full squads sprues, a board and no change in Warhammer 40.000 universe.

All that make of The Horus heresy: Bretrayal at Calth an evolution of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar.

Full squad sprues.

Warhammer: Age of Sigmar coming with big sprues, with differents squads into the same sprue.  All that in a plug and play way, easy.

In The Horus heresy: Bretrayal at Calth box we can find sprues with full equipment option for our figures. Besides, there is no a couple of big sprues, very common in core boxes and started sets, this time we can find one squad per sprue.

The Horus heresy: Bretrayal at Calth sprues are less plug and play but that its much interesting for customers who likes modelling and customize miniatures.

Anyway, we are talking about Space Marines. Figures with an easy assembly.

A board game… with a gaming board.

The rulebook and board are included in The Horus heresy: Bretrayal at Calth box. Just open,  mount and play, all that you need into the box… Ok, no all you will need a sharp cutter and glue, even colors and brushes if you with that your figures looks great!

Warhammer: Age of Sigmars plug and play system gives a step forward.

We can say that Games Workshop has found the right balance between beginers start and how long time they will enjoy with Warhammer 40.000.

The Horus heresy: Bretrayal at Calth format is very similar to Space Hulk. An excellent way to initiate with simple rules, and a great game look new players. And all that customers who start with The Horus heresy: Bretrayal at Calth  and Space Hulk will want know much about the universe and they will became to Warhammer 40.000 players.

Same universe, same copyrights.

Warhammer: Age of Sigmar has changed all Warhammer Fantasy universe. GamesWorkshop has now the copyright of all their universe. That didn´t happend before, when a lots games have elves, drawers, orcs, etc. Besides is a oportunity to introduce changes and new stories.

Nevertheless nothing chages in The Horus heresy: Bretrayal at Calth. We are still playing in the same universe, with the sacred Emperor as the certer of everything. Games Workshop don´t need do any change in Warhammer 40.000 universe because the had all copyrights.

That is one of the reasons why, The Horus heresy: Bretrayal at Calthhas happened in the past. This time copyrights has been serving the hobby.

We have always wanted fight during Horus heresy!

The Horus heresy: Bretrayal at Calth backgroud filling a period of time  before current battles in Warhammer 40.000. Our game is not written the future, is telling us how the past was.

Besides, old players are very interesting in Horus heresy, so The Horus heresy: Bretrayal at Calth will renew their interest in Warhammer 40.000 universe.

We could say that The Horus heresy: Bretrayal at Calth is an introductory game evolution of Warhammer: age of Sigmar, but it never pretends to became a subtitute of Warhammer 40.000.

2. No more core game sprues.

During severals new editions of Warhammer Fantasy or Warhammer 40.000, Games Workshop has introducing into the core boxes big sprues with all squads together. Even in specialist games like Space Hulk, Dreadfleet, etc.

But now, The Horus heresy: Betrayal at Calth has the same sprue as a normal squad box. That it means Games Workshop don´t need do a new sprue if the with to sell enclosed core box squads if the want to sell separated units.

We expect could see soon Space Marines MkIV, Terminator armours Cataphractii or the new Dreadnought into their own boxes.

There are only a couple of figures that we won´t find their own box in the future, the Captain terminator and the Dark Apostle.

Games Workshop has done sprues to sold the figures into thei own box, so they will safe much than £20.000 per sprue to sell  The Horus heresy: Betrayal of Calth box. That is clever!

3. A game for everyone.

The Horus heresy: Betrayal at Calth  is a game launched for different kinds of customers.

Newbies. They dont want spent or wasted a lots time reading and understanding a big rulebook, just play in 45-65 minutes afterthe box has been opened.

Boar game customers. Nowadays board games like Descent, Star Wars Rebel Assault o Zombicide are introducing new players who enjoy playing with a simple rulebook and figures.

Finally, old wargames players. All people who know Warhammer 40.000 and want to expand their knowledge about Horus heresy. A lost Space marines collectos are buying The Horus heresy: Betrayal at Calth box to have Space marines old armours.

Games Workshop has a product for all kind of customers!

4. First the pack.

Box like Space Wolves vs Orks we could see how Games Workshop put into sprues with figures that we could find into Warhammer 40.000 catalogue.

But, will be able to happend if we put new squads into big boxes before sell it separated?

They will sell a lots big boxes. Customers doesn’t mind to much if they have some of the miniatures enclosed, because they will have new ones!

Games Workshop has learnt, is better sell first big products and after that offer the same in several boxes.

That is no new, we has known that before. Warhammer Fantasy or Warhammer 40.000 rulebook has been sold in a high quality format. Then they sold the core box with the rulebook. What happend at the end? Players like us has two rulebooks, the big one to read at home, and the smallest to bring into the battles.

5: Specialist games and indirect sells.

The Horus heresy: Betrayal at Calth shows Horus heresy copyrights, and that is a vast universe full of products. Something that all players like.

The Horus heresy: Betrayal at Calth and Horus Heresy universe has been telled before. Forge World has their own figures and The black library sells a lots books about Horus Heresy.

The Fifth book of Horys heresy serial, Tempest talks about The Horus heresy: Betrayal at Calth story. Also novels like  Know no fear.

So Games Workshop has coneected diferent business lines with The Horus heresy: Betrayal at Calth.

In conclusion.

If we said that Warhammer: Age of Sigmas was a game to introduce young players, The Horus heresy: Betrayal at Calth is a game to introduce and keep all kind of Games Workshop customers.

Nowadays we can hear rumors about new expansions for The Horus heresy: Betrayal at Calth. It is normal, everyone is expecting to see Mk III armour and we are sure that it will have a very warm welcome.

Now, choose your side.

We wish see first sales report before to say that but we are sure about that Games Workshop will reach his best objetives with The Horus heresy: Betrayal at Calth.

The Horus heresy: Betrayal at Calth is apropiate for a very wide range of customers.

Games Workshop has spent a long time developing The Horus heresy: Betrayal at Calth. Sprues has sculpt “Games Workshop 2014” that shows how the company has been working in the product much than one year, probably two.

The Horus heresy: Betrayal at Calth concept idea has been maturing. Along this time its has been taking all lesson learnt with Warhammer: Age of Sigmar.

The Horus heresy: Betrayal at Calth will be a very nice open door to come into Warhammer 40.000 universe for newbies.

We glad to know your opinion about The Horus heresy: Betrayal at Calth  and how you felt this new produc!