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Orc Blitzer, limited edition.

Finally among all our elves something green has grown...nobody knows where he is come from! This week we would like to introduce our Orc Blizter, a limited edition miniature to celebrate Blood Bowl Cup at Ludus Belli. A gobling cheating a dice is the symbol of Ludus Belli, so we added one to this 32mm miniature. We going to craft a small amount of this miniature for all contestants. Futhermore a small amont of it will be offered in our Online Store, hurry up [...]

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Blood bowl: New Skaven team

Blood bowl has back from the hell, stronger than never. Little by little the old races from Warhammer fantasy are coming back to play their favourite sport. Skavens has been one of the first races to back in to the stadiums. To celebrate that, our friend Renton has painted a Skaven team. […]