This pack includes Nomen-Betu Guardians and Nomen-Betu Forest.

Units includes:

  • Glade Watchers. 
  • Glade Guard. Includes all plain bases
  • Faun Baldedancers. 
  • Sentinels of the olds.
  • Dryads. 
  • Wild Dragon.
  • Eagles.
  • Tree Spectres.
  • Treeman.

Characters includes:

  • Alduen, Forest Hunter with swords.
  • Adair, GreenSeer.
  • Dantae.
  • Mintaka and Alnitak.
  • Stelia, Wind Rider with Bow.
  • Syrelia, Wind Rider with Spear.
  • Wind Riders on Dragon.
  • Forest Lord on Dragon.
  • Arlock, Forest Hunter with bow.

Scenery includes:

  • Trees and borders.
  • Monoliths.
  • Sacred Tree.
  • Watchtower.


A 3D printer is neccesary to get a physical model from a 3D Digital File.

Pre supported Stl files included as complimentary gift not included in the price of the item. Supports can be remove before print. Supported for Chitubox®. Download will be avariable along the following 30 days after the purchase. This product is a STL file. A 3D printer is necessary to get it as physical model.