Chests is something that every successful army bring afther the victory!

We are still working in small terrain pieces. Play to Warhammer, Mordheim y 1650 A Capa y Espada is more interesting if the board is plenty of details. This time we did chests. We used to tecniques, both so easy and similar.
We would like to have severals items to use them as small elements to use into your games.
We have took two different and similar ways.
Firstly, we cut different SuperSculpey clay shapes.




HWe did some big rectangular pieces, the main body of our chests. And now two different ways.




We cut another piece of clay and drew in wooden strips.




Wrapped rectangle with the new clay piece and cut the edges. Adding some extra detail.




Finally we textured the wood details as always do.




Nearly to forget the strips in the sides! We wanted differentes pieces, and must look different too.
Main body was done with wooden texture. Now we have to add some details. Chest is coming!




The second way to it chestis easy too. Once we have a basic shape piece we can star.




We drew each strip.


Then we add wooden grains.


Without forgetting all faces.




We hope could add fine details and finish chets soon!