About the Scale

Understanding Scale in Miniatures

Scale in miniatures is a crucial aspect that defines the size and proportions of figures in relation to the real world or game universe. Traditionally, it’s measured up to the eyes of the miniature to maintain consistent aesthetics. Here at LastSword, we value precision and quality, thus scale is a central theme in our production and design.

The Diversity of the Traditional 28mm Scale

Historically, the 28mm scale has dominated the miniature world. However, this term has become a catch-all that houses a wide variety of sizes, sometimes even up to 36mm. This variability has led to some confusion and a lack of standardization in the industry.

Our Commitment: The 32mm Scale at LastSword

At LastSword, we’ve taken a more rigid and consistent stance by standardizing our miniatures to a 32mm scale, measured up to the eye level. This decision isn’t arbitrary; we firmly believe that 32mm offers a perfect balance. They provide a more realistic and detailed representation than 28mm, without compromising compatibility with other classic miniature ranges. Realism and aesthetic consistency are our priorities, and the choice of 32mm reflects this commitment.

Relative Scale: A Personalized Approach at Lastsword

We understand that not all creatures and characters should conform to a single standard. Therefore, at Lastsword, we deeply care about relative scale. While many brands standardize their miniatures to human size, we strive to represent the true proportions of each being. For instance, our elves stand at 34mm, and more imposing figures like the Ashen Warriors are even taller. This approach ensures that each miniature is not only impressive individually but also looks good in relation to its collection peers.

Caution When Rescaling Miniatures

We strongly advise against rescaling miniatures downwards. While current technology allows some flexibility in size, reducing the dimensions of a miniature can compromise the structural integrity of finer pieces, making them excessively fragile and prone to damage. This rescaling can detract from the artistic detailing and durability that characterize our figures. Therefore, we advise maintaining the miniatures at the scale designed to preserve the quality and durability that Lastsword guarantees.