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Frequently Asked Questions

We try our best to solve every question we receive. If you can’t find your answers here, try reaching out through our Contact methods.

Last Sword Store

Feel free to contact us through any of the methods described at the Contact page. If you have any problem with an order, we suggest using the form and specifying the order number and account email used for the order.

If you bought one of the STL files in our online store you can get it from your user account. Just following these steps:

  1. Go to My Account page
  2. Click on the Downloads tab
  3. Press the Download button
Want to now more about Patreon subscriptions? Keep reading.

This error is commonly caused when your account does not have an email assigned (usually due to logging in using a Patreon account with an unverified email address). To fix this simply add your email address at My Account – Account Details page. If the problem persists, contact us for additional support.

Yes! Patrons have a 25% discount on digital products and a 15% discount on physical products (Fantasy Armies and Scenery). Get the discounts by linking your Patreon and store accounts. They will be automatically applied to your cart!

If you remove them from your cart, you can add them back using patreon_25%_stl and patreon_15%_pod (will be automatically added every time you empty your cart or complete an order).

Please note that the website may take up to 24 hours to recognize you as an active Patreon member from the time you initiate the subscription.

Last Sword Patreon

Patreon is a membership platform that provides business tools for content creators to run a subscription service and deliver exclusive content to its supporters. By subscribing to Last Sword Miniatures, your are entitled to receive a free Welcome Pack and the miniature pack released for the ongoing month (depending on the chosen tier). You can subscribe at

Once you become a member, you will be charged the amount for your chosen tier. Patreon will charge you the same amount on the first of each month.

The miniatures will be released on a monthly basis between the 15th and 20th of the month.

We deliver our models through our website Once your Patreon and accounts are linked, you should automatically receive your active subscriptions within 30 minutes (tutorial available at this page).

Definitely! Remember there is no need to claim your rewards. Once your accounts are linked, your models will always be there for you (for older models we are still working on assigning them).

Sorry, but currently we don’t offer a merchant license… Our models are for personal use only. You can read the full license at:

Yes! At our online store you can find both Digital (presupposed and unsupported STL files) and Print On Demand products (shipping worldwide).

Miniatures & Files

When measuring humanoid figures, the standard practice is to measure the foot to eye distance in millimeters. Using this measurement, our human figures are sculpted to be 32mm in height. To maintain the same scale, our elf figures are sculpted to measure 34mm. This makes our miniatures compatible with most wargaming and tabletop miniatures on the market.

The files include the unsuported and pre-supported (Chitubox) versions of the miniatures. Every single file is tested on Elegoo or Anycubic printers (free of charge and ensuring there are no problems).

We provide supports as a helpful guideline, and they should be used cautiously. They are not an absolute solution but rather a tool to assist you. Please remember that there are many factors in your individual setup that are beyond our control, and our ability to influence the outcome is limited.

We support the files manually to ensure the minimun amount of support material is used. Our supports use spheric contact shapes to reduce the possibility of leaving a mark on the miniature. Recommended printing settings will always be included along the files.

In addition to designing figures, we also sell them in physical format. We are one of the few brands that does not have commercial licenses.

This means that many of our models have been first-hand printed by us hundreds of times. When we discover a problem, or notice something fails more than expected, we fix it and update your files.

That’s why it’s advisable to always download your files before printing them. There’s a good chance they are more up-to-date than when they were first released.

As we’ve previously mentioned, we print hundreds of miniatures daily using these supports.

However, it’s important to understand that 3D printing involves numerous variables, and it’s impossible for us to guarantee success in every unique situation.

We provide supports as a helpful guideline, and they should be used cautiously. They are not an absolute solution but rather a tool to assist you. Please remember that there are many factors in your individual setup that are beyond our control, and our ability to influence the outcome is limited.

Our setup has evolved over time. Currently, it mainly consists of Anycubic M3 and Anycubic Photon 2 printers.

Keep this in mind if you are using larger printers. The resistance of the FEP in a larger format printer could be the cause of many failures.

Usually this is due to connection problems when downloading the files. Please try downloading them again one by one

Downloading Your STL Files

So… I am now subscribed to Last Sword Miniatures Patreon (you can subscribe here). How do I download my STLs to print my miniatures?

Once you are subscribed, you will need to create (or login into) an account at My Account and then click on the following button (example image):

Clicking the button will take you to the Patreon SSO page, requesting access to some details needed to link both accounts:

Congratulations! If you clicked Allow (which would be a great idea if you want to download your fantastic miniatures), you will have both accounts linked. Now on, you will be granted with your corresponding rewards as they are released each month and will have access to the patron exclusive store discounts. There is no need for any additional interaction, your miniatures will be automatically delivered and always ready for you to download at My Account / Downloads page. Feel free to use the filters to browse through your library:

Note that your Patreon Perks (Welcome Pack and Monthly Bundles) will be added as 0€ charge orders to your account.