Tournaments Support

Forging Alliances in the Game: LastSword's Support

At LastSword, every figure we carve is more than a mere object; it’s a companion to countless epic tales on the game boards. Our support for tournaments and events is a gesture of camaraderie, aimed at enriching the experience of every strategist and adventurer joining the battlefield.

A Touch of Fellowship in Every Miniature

We understand the excitement and dedication that each tournament involves. Therefore, we extend a 15% discount to the brave participants, making our arsenal of miniatures more accessible. And to add a spark of creativity, we gift a miniature in STL format, a blank slate for each player to paint their own legend.

Art in Every Duel

If your event craves exclusivity, our guild of artists is prepared to accept the challenge. We can create everything from unique figures that will be the prize for the most cunning, to medals that narrate the glory of the champions. Each piece will be a reflection of the valor and skill displayed in each match.

An Alliance Beyond Commerce

At LastSword, we believe in the value of each battle and in the story behind each player. We are not merely sellers of miniatures; we are allies in creating adventures and weaving epic stories. Each collaboration is a pact to continue enriching this noble pastime.

If your next tournament seeks an ally, here we are. Contact us, and together, we will elevate the experience of every encounter. Here’s to many more battles and adventures to come!