Mission, Vision, and Values of Last Sword Miniatures

Our Noble Mission

In an era of grand tales and legends, Last Sword Miniatures arose from the ingenuity and determination of Isaac and Oscar. Facing a void of figures that resonated with the majesty and realism of ancient stories, they decided to forge their own path. Our mission is to provide the realm of players and collectors with low-fantasy miniatures, meticulously detailed to narrate the heroic and terrestrial past. We strive to adorn each gaming table with figures that delight the eye and pay homage to history and tradition.

The Epic Vision

We look to the horizon with the vision of becoming standards of excellence and originality in the vast realm of miniatures. Just as bards expand their stories, we wish for Last Sword to grow, embracing new members as if they were our own blood, maintaining the warmth and fraternity that has characterized us since time immemorial. We aspire for our legacy to transcend, that every warrior, mage, or creature we sculpt is a living testimony of our commitment to quality and authenticity.


Ancestral Values

  • Integrity of Master Craftsmen: True to our initial vision, we remain steadfast in our dedication to realism that whispers of legends and aesthetics that transport to ancient and valiant times.
  • Quality and Diligence: Each figure is treated as a relic, a treasure crafted with patience and skill, destined to receive the highest praise and contemplation.
  • Brotherhood and Community: At Last Sword, each blacksmith, squire, or alchemist is part of a brotherhood forged in passion and mutual respect. Our doors are always open to those brave souls who wish to join our cause.
  • Warrior Passion: We celebrate our extensive journey in the world of miniatures, an odyssey that has seen us evolve from young apprentices to masters of the forge, each stage imbued with the essence of our creations.
  • Tradition and Evolution: We fondly recall the echoes of “The Song of the Swords” and the bustle of the forge at LastSword, carrying the spirit of our humble beginnings as we look forward to new horizons of creativity and excellence.

In addition, we are committed to creating extensive ranges, not merely covering army lists but providing a plethora of options to ensure that each army is unique. Dedicated to offering a variety of components and styles, we empower each collector and gamer to tailor their forces with a distinctive personal touch, reflecting their strategy and story on the battlefield. Our aim is to provide diversity and detail, ensuring that with Last Sword, your army will stand out as a testament to individuality and tactical acumen. 

With Last Sword Miniatures, each piece is a pact of honor, a promise to deliver a fragment of our fiery passion and meticulous craftsmanship into your hands. By choosing us, you don’t just obtain a figure; you join a shared adventure, one that we cherish and celebrate every day.