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At, we deeply appreciate the support our Patreon community provides, enabling us to continue creating and expanding our universe of miniatures. To express our gratitude, we are excited to offer exclusive discounts to our Patreon supporters, designed to enhance your collecting experience.

15% Discount on Physical Miniatures

Embark on your STL collection journey with us on Patreon and get to know our system with a welcoming 15% discount on physical miniatures. This initial step into our community is perfect for those considering their own printers, allowing you to firsthand experience the craftsmanship and quality of our miniatures.


25% Discount on STL Miniatures

Expand and complete your collection with a significant 25% discount on all our STL miniatures. This offer is our way of helping you bring to life the vast and diverse worlds we’ve crafted, through the detailed miniatures that you can print and personalize at your convenience.


*Except in active promotional campaigns or selected products.

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Activating your exclusive discounts is straightforward:
  1. Link your account with your Patreon account. This seamless integration ensures your discounts are automatically applied while your Patreon subscription is active.

  2. Once linked, your discounts will remain active as long as your subscription continues, offering ongoing savings and benefits.
Steps to Link Your Accounts
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  • Select the option to “Link with Patreon.”
  • Follow the prompts to authorize the connection between your Patreon and accounts.


You can find more detailed information on our Patreon page or in our FAQs.


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