Duchy of Lithuania’s Command

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Duchy of Lithuania’s Command


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Lithuanian militias have formed a body of soldiers experienced in survival on any type of terrain. That is why they are a dangerous rival thanks to their aim and their brutality in combat thanks to the battle with axe.

Lithuanian’s Command are 32mm scale models. Members of the Duchy of Lithuania faction in 1816 The Wargame. These models can be use in any other wargame too.


  • 1 Hunter Md.1 .
  • 1 Hunter Md.2 .
  • 1 Hunter Md.3 .
  • 1 Hunter Md.4 .
  • 1 Hunter Md.5 .
  • 5 scenic bases.

Handsculpted models. Crafted with polyurethane resin. Supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Not suitable for children under 4 years. Small parts.

Miniatures of 1816 The Wargame.

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1816 The Wargame

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