Elven Sword Masters, Regiment (15) – Physical Models

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Elven Sword Masters, Regiment (15) – Physical Models

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Elven Sword Masters. 32mm scale models, sculpted on 3D. Suitable for any Elven army, warband and collection.

This kit includes: Officer, Bearer, Musician, 12 Masters (four different models) and extra bits. Extra bits can be used to assemble different models.


Physical model printed under demand with an Anycubic Photon Mono Printer or similar. 20µm resolution. Clean of supports, some small imperfections may occur where the supports are placed.

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1 review for Elven Sword Masters, Regiment (15) – Physical Models

  1. arepyros (verified owner)

    I ordered a couple of units because I really like the overhaul design of LS miniatures. I am now working on my first unit, which is this and I’m not really happy. The design of the models and the armor is good. But not a single model can stand by itself. They always fall over, because the soles or the decoration they stand on, is not even. If you glue them on a base, they are off, leaning either to the side or forward. It is really a shame.
    Also the plastic is alright, but not amazing. The swords are very thin and bent. And during the painting process, just from holding the miniatures between my fingers and applying pressure with the brush, on one miniature the leg broke, and on the standardbearer the standard. Overhaul I think the miniatures deserve 3 stars because the design is nice and rather unique compared to most others. They are when, quality is concerned, tho some way from GW models and their superior plastic.
    Concerning the design, I don’t like that their necks look naked/exposed. The plate armor on their chest is really bulky and it looks like they’re not wearing any armor/protection around their neck. The neck is one of the places which is most in need of additional protection. Although it’s fantasy figures and you could find all sorts of excuses why they don’t need additional neck protection, the sometimes really exposed neck is immersion breaking for me. So it’s a lot of additional work fixing this with greenstuff.

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