NazkaY, The Ancients Rage

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NazkaY, The Ancients Rage

The jungle’s nature often presents itself as a chaotic tapestry: branches, vines, ponds, streams, foliage, trees, rocks, torrents… And attempting to unravel such complexity, either mentally or physically, leads men toward the brink of madness. Thus, the emergence of a beacon of purity and simplicity is welcomed when it occurs: colossal strength, the foe dismembered, simplicity.

Take your NazkaY, The Ancients Rage into dungeons and role-playing games.

A lizardmen character on foot for skirmish games like Rangers of the Shadow Deep, Circle of Blood, Frostgrave and other Mordheim City of Damned.

This miniature can be use as a hero in any high elf army for tabletop games like Saga: Age of Magic, Forgotten World, Oathmark, Kings of War, The Ninth Age and other Warhammer Fantasy Battles alternative games.



Its roar swoops throughtout the jungles as if all the jungle awake at the same time…“.

Nazkay, The Ancient Rage is a 32mm scale model sculpted in 3D. It is 8cm approx. Suitable for any Lizarmen army, warband and collections.


This kit contains: Nazkay.


Model supplied unassembled and unpainted. Manufactured in plastic resin. We highly recommend use a sharp knive instead of sand papel. Use only 280-320 water sandpaper.


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