Saurian Warlord

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Saurian Warlord

Dominion among the mightiest saurian warriors is not attained through mere exhibition of brute force in battle. It is within that crucible of wills, where myriad decisions and pressures converge, that authentic leaders arise. Those who possess the ability to inspire, command, and temper… they ascend as the natural leaders of an extraordinary power.

This miniature can be use as a hero in any lizardmen army for tabletop games like Forgotten World, Oathmark, Saga: Age of Magic, Kings of War, The Ninth Age and other Warhammer Fantasy Battles alternative games.

Saurian Warlord, Lizardmen character on foot for skirmish games like Rangers of the Shadow Deep, Frostgrave, Circle of Blood and other Mordheim City of Damned.



Am I still alive? Oh dear… I am sure that they let me living to follow me to camp site…“.

Saurian Warlord is a 32mm scale model sculpted in 3D. Suitable for any Lizarmen army, warband and collections.


This kit contains: Saurian Warlord.


Model supplied unassembled and unpainted. Manufactured in plastic resin. We highly recommend use a sharp knive instead of sand papel. Use only 280-320 water sandpaper.


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