I.K. Fire Throwers – Digital Files

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I.K. Fire Throwers – Digital Files

The Fire Launcher transcends the mere definition of a simple piece of artillery. Its prodigious range, its ability to unleash flames that devour everything in their path, and the psychological impact it causes on targets, make it one of the most terrifying weapons of war in the arsenal of any race. The extreme dedication and meticulousness characteristic of the elves in every aspect of their work guarantee unparalleled effectiveness, surpassing the standards set by any other people. The mere thought of becoming a target of their attacks is enough to sow panic in enemy ranks, and this influence, this palpable fear, not only alters the mood of the battle but can decisively tilt the balance towards elven victory.

These miniatures can be use as regiment in any Elven army for tabletop games like Forgotten World, Saga: Age of Magic, Oathmark, KOW, The Ninth Age and other Warhammer Fantasy Battles alternative games.

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I.K. Fire Thrower. 32mm scale models, sculpted on 3D. Suitable for any Elven army, warband and collection.


Digital kit contains STL files of:1 Thrower, 4 Crew members and extra pieces.


Digital Files: Pre supported Stl files included as complimentary gift not included in the price of the item. Supports can be remove before print. Supported for Chitubox®. Download will be available along the following 30 days after the purchase. This product is a STL file. A 3D printer is necessary to get it as physical model. Compressed files with Winrar®.

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