Kickstarter Cross Promotion.

Asgard Rising
Our friends at Asgard Rising have graciously allowed us to cross promote with them. You can see their current Kickstarter, The Riddle of Steel, below. Give them some love, and check them out!

If you like quality dioramas at an incredible price, don’t miss out on this opportunity and take a look at their project:

Infernal Miniatures
Our Friends from InfernalMiniatures are running a Kickstarter too! Check them out in the last days of their campaign

Wonders’ Drop Studio
Their second kickstarter campaign The Forest Creatures.

Miniatures Yedharo
Our spanish friends from Yedharo Models. You can download this miniatures, in 32mm scale model for your collection!


Pre supported Stl files included as complimentary gift not included in the price of the item. Supports can be remove before print. Supported for Chitubox®. Download will be avariable along the following 30 days after the purchase. This product is a STL file. A 3D printer is necessary to get it as physical model.