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Online Store News: 2022 May Patreon

This month we have some new models from our Patreon in our online store. Amazons, Undead, Humans Empires and Elves miniature ranges have new models launched in May. So, let me introduce them!

Online Store News: 2022 April Patreon

We have some new models from our Patreon in our online store. In April we released: Lizardmen, Warriors of the Ashes, Undead, Vampire Counts, Elves, Human Empire and Sisters of Serens miniatures. Let’s to have a closed view from them!

High Kingdom Village – Kickstarter campaign

High Kingdom Village, is our new kickstarter campaign. Set up your own fortified town into an empire atmosphere with the different buildings included. Ready to be printed with FDM 3D printers. Futhermore some pieces can be printer too with SLA 3D printers.

Scenery: Wooden Chests

  Chests is something that every successful army bring afther the victory! We are still working in small terrain pieces. Play to Warhammer, Mordheim y 1650 A Capa y Espada is more interesting if the board is plenty of details. This time we did chests. We used to tecniques, both so easy and similar. We would like to have severals items to use them as small elements to use into your games. We have took two different and similar ways. Firstly, we cut different SuperSculpey clay shapes.     […]