Articles about The Grand Barony Of Hochland.

Imperial Harquebusiers from Hochland

During the years we’ve felt this hobby in diferent levels of intensity but there has always been something that made us live it stronger. The Impery is part of that something that made us want to go further. It was the first strenght we organized of Warhammer Fantasy, and the main reason why we started lots of different projects, like for example the modular boards. And it’s the power of reviving the sensations we experienced 15 years ago, when we were just starting [...]

Ejército Imperial de Hochland: Gran Cañón del Imperio – Hochland’s Army: Empire Great Cannon

Cuando un héroe del Imperio se alza en armas, lo primero que hace es enviar un mensajero a Nuln. El cañón del Imperio es una de las magníficas piezas de artillería con las que la ciudad estado puede apoyar al nuevo paladín del Imperio. To send a messenger to Nuln is the first thing an imperial hero do when he takes up arms against The Empire enemies. Empire great cannon is the best aid that this state city can send to The Empire's armies. Uno de nuestros proyectos a [...]


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