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Modular wargaming surface for Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40.000, Mordheim (Empire in flames), 1650 A capa y espadan and other wargames.

Modular gaming surface. Wheat fields

We would like do a modular gaming board wich we could play to Warhammer Fantasy, Empire in flames (Mordheim), 1650 A Capa y Espada, even Warhammer 40.000 in a medieval world! That was the reason why our modular gaming board set in a empire province. AtThe Empire there are two things… forest and wheat fields! […]

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Modular gaming Board. Roads, ways and paths

A modular gaming board is something that all wargame players wish to have. Play to warhammer 40.000, Warhammer Fantasy, Mordheim (Empire in flames), 1650 A capa y espada and others wargames in a modular gaming board could change game experience. We decided do our own, this is the first step. Roads. […]

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Modular gaming board. A bridge over the river.

A river is an essential scenery piece in a Warhammer Fantasy board, and the best way to cross it, with a bridge. So we did a bridge over the river to play with our modular gaming board for Warhammer Fantasy. […]

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