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Review Age of Sigmar II: Will Warhammer Fantasy to be the same someday?

We, "the old players" are worried about the course that Age of Sigmar has taken. What will happen with the classic Warhammer Fantasy? This time I going to try to reply that question, analizing Games Workshop  performance. Is The end of the times, the end of Warhammer Fantasy? Lessons learned with End of Times: The End of times has provided to Games Workshop of something much important than money! Lessons about customers, about what customers want. And what they want? Astonishing figures and an exciting background. Nowadays players are expectant [...]

The miniature of the week. Bezhukk The Immortal

Chaos Dwarf are  an abandoned army for Warhammer Fantasy by Games Workshop. But this is was not a reason to stop a lots people who feeling inspirated by them, and following modelling and painting. Bezhukk the Inmortal is maeby the best example of that spirit! […]

Not only a banner

To us the hobby is not only one thing, is four: collect, paint, play and background. Write about the first three use to be easy, but talk about the background is different. Today we would like to talk about the background of  Kessel Spearmen, our regimento of The Impire for Warhammer Fantasy. […]