Quatl Lord

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Quatl Lord

There exist magicians who, as apprentices, relentlessly dedicate themselves to unraveling the profound mysteries of magic. They acquire knowledge through daring experimentation, oftentimes enduring its relentless trials. The less proficient gradually fade into obscurity in an unending quest for ever greater wisdom. At the zenith of human magehood stand the Archmages. Towering above them are the envoys of the High Elves in their resplendent ivory spires. And, ultimately, at heights beyond even the boldest of dreams, reside the Quatl.

Quatl Lord, Lizardmen character on foot for skirmish games like Rangers of the Shadow Deep, Frostgrave, Circle of Blood and other Mordheim City of Damned.

This miniature can be use as a hero in any Lizardmen army for tabletop games like Forgotten World, Oathmark, Saga: Age of Magic, Kings of War, The Ninth Age and other Warhammer Fantasy Battles alternative games.

Take your Quatl Lord into dungeons and role-playing games.



I could not see it, but everybody was running when blue sparks burned the Sargent…“.

Quatl is a 32mm scale model sculpted in 3D. It is 16cm high and 10cm width approx. Suitable for any Lizardmen army, warband and collections.


This kit contains: Qualt


Model supplied unassembled and unpainted. Manufactured in plastic resin. We highly recommend use a sharp knive instead of sand papel. Use only 280-320 water sandpaper.


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