Alpha Dip

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Alpha Dip

The ferocious essence of the wolf permeates every facet of its existence, for within the pack’s hierarchy, relentless defense of one’s place is paramount. It is this primal nature that ensures its very survival, engaging tirelessly in battle against the elements and the trials of daily life. Thus, when imbued with the transformative power of magic, these once noble creatures are transformed into insatiable beasts, their innate aggression amplified to unparalleled heights. They become formidable entities, fierce beyond measure, unyielding in their pursuit, and fearless in the face of all adversaries

Alpha Dips, great for dungeons, dark forests and any undead and vampire counts army or atmosphere. Can be played on Kings of Wars, Oathmark, The 9th Age and any alternative games of Warhammer Fantasy Battles.



This creature come from straight for hell!“.

Alpha Dip is a 32mm scale model for any undead army, warband and collections.


This kit contains: Alpha dip.


Manufactured in plastic resin. Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. We highly recommend use a sharp knive instead of sand papel. Use only 280-320 water sandpaper.

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Cursed City Warband


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