High Kingdom, Command Tent – Digital Files

SKU: Stl-Scenery-Humans-HighKingdom-CommandTent

High Kingdom, Command Tent – Digital Files

Patreon March 2023


High Kingdom, Command Tent. 32mm scale models, sculpted on 3D. Suitable for any Human Empire army, warband and collection.

Meassures: Large around 168, Widht 93, Heigh 96 with flag, Height 136 without flag approx.

Stl Files Kit includes: 1 Command Tent.


Digital Files: Pre supported Stl files included as complimentary gift not included in the price of the item. Supports can be remove before print. Supported for Chitubox®. Download will be avariable along the following 30 days after the purchase. This product is a STL file. A 3D printer is necessary to get it as physical model. Compressed files with Winra®.

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